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Where we have everything from endemic wild birds and small-large marsupials to fluffy farm animals!


Download our Local Birds List for a chance to win our Competition! Just identify a bird species we don't have on our Properties list yet, with Proof, post it on social media, and get a 10% meal voucher or Free Coffee/Tea/Juice!

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Birds of the Forest Lodge Resort and Pemberton:

(classed into size/type of Birds)- frequently updated!


The Forest Lodge Resort:

  • Hyline Chicken and German Mallard Ducks

  • Stubble Quails

  • Red-eared firetail* (B)

  • Splendid fairywren (B)

  • Red-winged Fairywren (B)

  • Silvereye (B)

  • Willie wagtail (B)

  • Inland Thornbill (B)

  • Little black Cormorant (B)

  • New Holland Honeyeater (B)

  • Brown Honeyeater (B)

  • Gilbert’s Honeyeater (B)

  • Red western Wattlebird (B)

  • Tree Martin (B)

  • Common Bronzewing (B)

  • Western Rosella* (B)

  • Purple crowned lorikeet (B)

  • 28 – Ringneck Parrot (B)

  • Kookaburra (B)

  • Mudlark – Magpie Lark (B)

  • Magpie (B)

  • Raven (B)

  • Purple Australasian Swamphen (L)

  • Wood Duck (L)

  • Pacific Black Duck (L)

  • Little Australasian Grebe (L)

  • White Faced Heron (L)

  • Brown falcon/goshawk, Square-tailed Kite, whistling kite or Australian Kestrel? (A) can you spot which one it is?

  • Wedgetail eagle (A)


(Alphabetical. List by Renata Suckling and “inaturalist.org”)

  • Australasian Pipit (B)

  • Australasian Grebe (L)

  • Australian Hobby- Falco longipennis (P)(A)

  • Australian Kestrel (A)

  • Butcherbird Grey (B)

  • Baudin’s Black-cockatoo (B)

  • Black-faced Cuckooshrike (B)

  • Brown Falcon (A)

  • Brown Honeyeater (B)

  • Chestnut Teal (L)

  • Cockatoo Red Tail (A)

  • Cockatoo White Tail (B)

  • Common Bronzewing (B) (P)

  • Cormorant Little Pied (L)

  • Cuckoo (B)

  • Carnaby’s Black-cockatoo(B)

  • Emu (P)

  • Eurasian Coot (L)

  • Fan-tailed Cuckoo (B)

  • Galah (P)

  • Gilbert’s Honeyeater (B)

  • Grey Butcherbird (B)

  • Grey Fantail (B)

  • Grey Shriketrush (B)

  • Horsfield Bronze- Cuckoo B Pallid (B)

  • Kookaburra (P)(B)

  • Little Black Cormorant (A)(L)

  • New Holland Honeyeater (B)

  • Pacific Black Duck (L)

  • Purple crowned Lorikeet (B)

  • Ringneck Parrot- 28 (B)(P)

  • Red-eared Firetail (P)

  • Red Wattlebird (B)

  • Red-capped Parrot (B)

  • Scarlet Robin (B)

  • Silvereye (B)

  • Spotted Pardalote (B)

  • Stubble Quail (B)

  • Swamp Harrier (A)

  • Square tailed Kite (A)

  • Tawny Frogmouth (A)

  • Tree Martin (B)

  • Wedge-tailed Eagle (A)

  • Welcome Swallow (B)

  • Western Gerygone (B)

  • Western Thornbill (B)

  • Western Wattlebird (B)

  • Western Spinebill (P)(B)

  • White-breasted Robin (P)

  • Western Whistler (B)

  • Western Rosellas (B)*

  • White Ibis (L)

  • White-bellied Seagle (A)

  • White-breasted Robin (B)

  • White-browed Babbler (B)

  • White-browed Scrubwren (B)

  • Whistling Kite (A)

  • Wood Duck (L)

  • Yellow-rumped thornbill (B)


Great Website of Local Bird and Animal Life:


splendid fairywren

Splendid fairy wren by Melanie Cooper

red eared firetail

Red eared firetail by Melanie Cooper


Western Grey Kangaroo by Melanie Cooper


red winged fairy wren glouc. tree

red winged fairy wren by Melanie Cooper


splendid fairy wren

by Melanie Cooper


Western Grey Kangaroo


Common Bronzewing


Our German Ducks



Farm fresh



Record Breaking Egg



Our close neighbours the Kangaroos, if y


More to come....


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