Native Relaxation - Femail Sleeping BLUE
Native Balance - Female with Baby Cookie
Native Happiness - In Cafe with Infuser
Native Happiness - 3 Females at a Table.

Roogenic is an all-natural health food company specializing in Australian Native Foods that are handcrafted with care in Australia from phenomenal bush plants sourced responsibly from small Indigenous communities and local farmers.

We stock a range of teas, spices and merchandise that are exclusive to Australia, all with gorgeous aromas and flavours, which also contain a range of health benefits that have been utilized by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years.

Our chef utilizes Roogenic spices to give our guests a taste of the native ingredients and liven up the recipes in our Restaurant; ChefIngo's!


The Galleries to the left and right, are just samples of the products we carry in our little store, and the things you can do with them.

Stop by at The Forest Lodge Resort, 13626 Vasse Highway, Pemberton, WA, to meet all your Roogenic needs!

Iced Tea - Native Strawberry
Roogenic Tea Infuser Blue on Hand
Infuser Range on a Bench
Anti-Inflammitea With Finfuser 2
Anti-Inflammitea With Finfuser 1
Lemon Myrtle - Gut Health Superstar

Lemon Myrtle

Salt Bush - Healthy Salt Alternative

Salt Bush

Wattle Seed - Protein Superstar

Wattle Seed

Pepperberry - Antioxidant Powerhouse


cinnamon myrtle Powerful Antimicrobial

Cinnamon myrtle

Blue Quandong - Vitamin C Superstar

Blue Quandong

Super Detox in Cafe with Infusers
Iced Tea - Lemons